Experiencing a personal property loss is traumatic enough—you shouldn’t have to go through the documentation process alone. Not only can your friends and family help you get it done, they’ll be there to offer the emotional support you need to get through it, one day at a time. 

If the pictures of receipts for your items were also destroyed in the fire, don’t worry. Your friends, family and neighbors who have visited your home can help you supplement the descriptions, so you’re more likely to get reimbursed for the items on your personal property loss claim.

Helpful Hint: Retailers from whom you purchased the items can also help you with item descriptions, and the credit card company/bank can use your statement/purchase history to help you create an accurate timeline for when you purchased the items you need to replace.

Another good idea is to visit a department store and using a price scanning app for your smartphone scan the items that you lost or were damaged. Once completed you’ll have a complete list of items along with a price/value for them.

If the process proves to be too overwhelming, Miller Public Adjusters can help. When you reach out to one of our public adjusters, don’t be afraid to ask questions and we will do our best to provide the answers. Miller Public Adjusters will be your advocate and guide through the aftermath of a house fire ensure you get every penny you’re entitled to under the provisions of your policy claim.

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Decisions made and actions taken during the first six months after a fire will largely determine what kind of claim settlement you’ll receive from your insurance company.

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