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  • Has your Insurance Company NOT cooperated and/or treated you fairly in settling your claim?
  • Do you think your claim is underpaid or wrongfully denied?
  • Do you know what your insurance claim is really worth?
  • Is your Insurance Company in control of your insurance claim or do you have control?

Whether you’ve suffered a property insurance loss from a fire, water, storm, or any other disaster, understanding your options should be the most important step after filing an insurance claim.  A Public Adjuster may be your best option to protect your interests and achieve the best outcome for your property loss. Find out When NOT to hire a Public Adjuster.

Public Adjusters Result in Larger Claim Settlements

FOX 11 Investigates: Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Claim

  • Proper representation may cover you from additional charges
  • Get help to know what you are entitled to from the insurance company
  • Insurance company mindset is to pay the smallest amount possible
Public Adjuster Fire Damage Testimonial

Excellent experience. I had a major fire which destroyed my business. My Insurance company was hostile and adversarial at best. I hired Miller Public Adjusters. They did everything. I never had to have another conversation with a elusive and hostile insurance company. If I hadn't hired this company to represent me, I would've lost everything."

Gayle S.
Bar/Business Owner

Hail Damage Testimonial

David was wonderful. We would have not gotten our roof replaced without him. He was fair, honest and spot-on with everything he told us. Even after the settlement he offered to help if we would have any questions. If all businesses were run like Miller Public Adjusters there would be no need for lawyers because people would get far more service than they paid for at the time of the contract.”

Steve P.


On July 4th, 2011 my family suffered a fire loss and my life changed...

David Miller - Owner of Miller Public Adjusters, LLC

My name is David Miller and I am the owner and founder of Miller Public Adjusters.   After the fire, our home and all of our belongings were gone. To say the claim process went poorly is an understatement.  Since that day, I realized that I wanted to make a difference and help others through the same battles and frustrations that I had to go through with my claim."


Has your Insurance Claim been underpaid or wrongfully denied?

We work for YOU, not the Insurance Company. 

Homeowner Insurance Claims

As you are trying to rebuild your home and get back to normal, there is little time for learning the ins and outs of insurance claims to make sure you're not settling for less than what you're entitled.  d More.....

Commercial Property Damage Claims

Commerical/Business Policies are complex enough, but when you are faced with a loss, time and efficiency are of utmost importance to get your business up and running again.

Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Services

Though you may be familiar with the term "appraisal" in regards to getting a professional opinion on the value of your valuables, you may not be familiar with the insurance appraisal process.


Property Damage Claims We Handle

Fire or smoke damage, water or mold damage, storm or hurricane damage, or any other property damage, we are here to represent your interests and recover the most out of your insurance claim 



Expert's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Property Insurance Claim

This guide will take you through the steps involved in the insurance claim process and help you get the full settlement you deserve.

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