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Miller Public Adjuster's Customer Results

How We Helped a Business After a Fire Damage Loss

“Excellent experience. I had a major fire which destroyed my business. My Insurance company was hostile and adversarial at best. I hired Miller Public Adjusters. They did everything. I never had to have another conversation with a elusive and hostile insurance company. If I hadn't hired this company to represent me, I would've lost everything."

Gayle s.
Bar Owner
Fire Damage Business WI
A fire occurred to a business in Wi that was run as a bar and banquet hall. The banquet hall had caught fire and was a total loss.  Luckily, the fire wall between the bar and banquet hall had saved the front have to the bar from catching on fire.

When we were hired, the insurance company and business owner had already gotten into disputes over the amount of loss, and had not yet made any payments.  Our first job was to secure the property and mitigate the damage.  We also documented the damaged personal property and determined an accurate scope to repair the fire and smoke damaged building.  In the end, we were able to secure a favorable settlement that was over 4x what the insurance company thought the loss was when we were first retained. 

How We Helped A Homeowner with a Water Loss

During the middle of the coldest months in Chicago, this homeowner suffered a water loss from a frozen/burst radiator in the second floor.  The water damaged the 2nd floor all the way down to the finished basement.

The insurance company came out and wrote a limited and incomplete estimate.  We were hired and immediately reinspected the property with the insurance company and were able to get three times as much as the insurance company started at.    


"Top notch service would recommend Miller Public Adjusters service to anyone. Dave thank you much. The process was great."

Manny v.

How we Helped a landlord with a Basement Water Loss

"David, We just wanted to thank you for all your help with this case.  We know how hard you fought for us. We truly appreciate all you did for us. Thanks."

Brian & Heather L.
Basement Water Damage in Illinois

This landlord need help after discovering 4 feet of water in their basement. They had over a dozen frozen copper pipes that lead to the water in the basement.  

With the basement having so much water, this caused moisture problems throughout the house that that insurance company didn't want to cover.  We were able to negotiate an adequate repair scope to cover the damages as well as a loss of rental income while the work was to be completed.

How We Helped a Homeowner After a Water Leak and Discovered Mold Damage

After discovering water in the bathroom around the toilet and vanity, this homeowner found that one of their pipes were leaking under the slab.

After reporting the claim and hiring us, we were able to address the damage to the bathroom fixtures and structure, remove concrete, and address/eliminate the mold problems in the property.  

We successfully navigated the policy and insurance claim to account for all the damages and recover everything that was entitled to under the policy.

Homeowner Water Loss Claim

"We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your professional services on our behalf. During our recent water damage experience, your involvement and expertise brought us peace of mind in a stressful situation and helped us to obtain a satisfactory claim settlement for us to return our home to normal.

A friend of ours who had experienced two homeowner water damage episodes told us that “a public adjuster is worth his weight in gold,” and we now believe this to be true."  Read the rest of the response....

Christine M.

How We Helped a Machine Shop Owner After a Fire Loss

Machine Shop Fire Damage

A fire loss is a tragic event.  This fire happened to disrupt and destroy a large part of a successful machine shop.  Come to find out after the loss, the insurance policy under insured the business and now the owner's loss would be jeopardized because of insurance oversight.

Our job was to leverage to policy and understand the the total amount of damage to the building, the machine equipment, tools, and inventory/stock that was destroyed.  We also accounted for the loss and shut down of the business due to the fire.

After a few month of experts and negotiations, we were able to agree to settlement favorable to the business owner which allowed him to get back to his machine shop business and rebuild. Our recovery was 2 times the initial insurance companies offer and accounted for everything they owed under the policy.

How we Helped a Homeowner After a Roof Claim Denial

After a large hail storm sweep through the area, this homeowner every was getting their roofs replaced but them.  He called to inspect and they certainly had hail damage.  

After a re-inspection and negotiations, we were able to get the entire roof bought soon after hiring us.

Hail Damage Testimonial

“David was wonderful. We would have not gotten our roof replaced without him. He was fair, honest and spot-on with everything he told us. Even after the settlement he offered to help if we would have any questions. If all businesses were run like Miller Public Adjusters there would be no need for lawyers because people would get far more service than they paid for at the time of the contract.”

Steve P.


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