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Christine S. Infographic“It was seven months to the day that I had lost my husband, and, coming home from a memorial service for him, found my home full of smoke and burning. It was the day after our youngest daughter had gotten married. I was devastated.

“The next day the insurance company sent out two adjusters and someone from their own restoration company. They didn’t want to condemn the house, but there was no way I could live there anymore. The restoration company said they would remodel the two rooms that were burnt, and they’d put three coats of paint throughout the rest of the house.

“Smoke had filled every inch of the two-story house, coming out the vents in the attic. I felt the restoration company was working for the insurance company, and not for me.

“Mr. Miller and Mr. Schulke came out to look over the house. They felt they could help me. They were very caring and told me if they couldn’t get us any additional money, we would owe them nothing. I felt relieved, but they told me I had to be patient. It was scary because I thought the insurance company was going to pressure me into taking the settlement they wanted to give me before Miller Public Adjusters could get a fair settlement.

“I just didn’t know how much more I could take. Then me and my family decided we needed to get a lawyer involved. My brother-in-law helped me retain a lawyer, who suggested that we should have Miller Public Adjusters come and look at the damage to our home.

“You have to have patience because they know what they are doing. Whenever we had questions, they answered them in a timely manner. When you feel like there’s no hope, the answers came.

“They were successful at getting the maximum settlement from the insurance company. My family and I are always praising Miller Public Adjusters to people who ask us about the fire. We can’t thank them enough.

“April 2nd is the date construction will start on my new home. I’m counting down the days.”

– Christine S.

Christine S. Fire Damage
Christine S. Fire Damage Ceiling

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