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Debbie G. Infographic“We experienced our first total loss fire with our home. The fire was a devastating nightmare, but dealing with our insurance company was down right deceitful. I figured they would have a folder or documentation on what to do after a fire, but if you don’t know what is in your policy, they are not going to offer that information if it means paying out more benefits.

“Our insurance policy burned with the house. Every time I asked the claims adjuster or our insurance agent for a copy of our policy, we would receive the Dec [declarations] sheet, which did not explain the policy. I believe we received a total of 17 Dec sheets before we finally got a copy of our full policy in February 2015.”

“It was one battle after another. We took advice from friends and family, and ended up losing out on benefits we were entitled to. Unfortunately we did not know about public adjusters at that time.
After a year and a half, we just gave up. We wanted to move on. You feel so taken advantage of and hung out to dry. You look back and wish you would’ve handled things differently.”

“Then what are the chances of being struck with another total loss fire? On May 2, 2017, we lost our business to fire. Our insurance company’s claims adjuster, from a different insurance company than our homeowners policy, started out very nice and helpful. It wasn’t long before we felt jerked around.”

"This time, though, we knew about public adjusters. We talked to a few of them and decided on Miller Public Adjusters. You cannot imagine what a person has to go through unless you experience this yourself. That is one reason we decided on Miller. They took so much burden off our shoulders. It was still stressful, but 90% less. They know about policy coverages that we would have overlooked — and don’t think the insurance company didn’t try to jack them around.”

“Miller Public Adjusters knows what they are doing and stood firm against the insurance company. Miller Public Adjusters got us everything we were entitled to, and even more than we thought, in a matter of months. We did not have to deal with our insurance company and also did not have to purchase anything and turn in receipts for reimbursement. What a time-saving relief. Miller Public Adjusters are knowledgeable, understanding professionals, and we highly recommend them to all our friends and family.”

– Debbie G.

Debbie G. Fire Damage
Debbie G. Fire Damage

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