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Erica F. Infographic“Flippin fantastic! Hands down amazing experience (all things considered). We had a fire that took down our family home. A few “ambulance chasers” tried to confuse us into their services but after receiving much run-around with these chasers (who are supposed to be on your side helping you!) and the insurance company (also someone you’d think you could rely on!) we stumbled across Dave Miller and, man, I wish we would have found him earlier!

“Dave is super knowledgeable on the process as he’s not only been in the industry for years but he has also had personal experience with his own fire-damaged home. No matter how trivial you may think your question is Dave and his staff will take the time to make sure your questions get answered and you understand the ramifications. His expertise on the matter quickly turned what seemed to be a hopeless uphill battle into a more manageable playing field.

“Our insurance company was so resistant and unresponsive and Dave kept up the fight with the vigor of a true warrior. We are still absolutely floored by our experience. We learned so much in this tragedy and none of it would have been possible without Miller Public Adjusters. Please tell all your friends and family BEFORE tragedy strikes to keep this number handy!”

-Erica F.

Erica F. Property Damage
Erica F. Fire Damage

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