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Phyllis M. Infographic“I had a similar story about my insurance company dragging their feet for six and a half months. I was spinning my wheels after getting a complete runaround month after month. I had mold in the house because of their foot-dragging and then they were categorizing all damages into the mold category.

“The adjuster was offering extremely lowball prices on everything, like offering $50 for a full-length mink coat, $499 for a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator, and categorizing everything as business so they wouldn’t have to pay. And we were getting nowhere fast with the structure estimator who dragged us on for over six months without a nail hammered into the wall.

“We found David Miller with the grace of God and right away, he turned things around. The disaster happened when two water pipes broke in our bathrooms. Thanks to David’s outstanding help, the estimate went from $100K to $159K!! His experience and help is priceless!

“The insurance company is finally having the contractor begin work on our home. Every time we call or email with a question or need his help, David is there! He’s a knight in shining armor and I really do not know what I would do without him. He got the insurance company to clean out the house so the contractor had room to make the repairs. He got them to recategorize all the mold items; he got them to agree on a new furnace; and he’s working now to help us with contents.

“David and his staff are outstanding and worth their weight in gold. If you need help with any insurance claim, hire them; you’ll be glad you did! If I could rate them 100 stars, I would!”

– Phyllis M.

Phyllis M. Water Damage
Phyllis M. Water Damage

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