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Sharal D. Infographic“Champions. Warriors. Heroes. Lifesavers! That’s exactly what David Miller and his fantastic team at Miller Public Adjusters are! There really are no words to describe what his team has done for me and my family. We are extremely grateful, and they are WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY you pay them for their services and then some!

“After having the same insurance agent for over 30 years, we had a hot water pipe burst in the shower in an interior wall in our family cottage on February 9, 2014. The home was a total loss. There was water damage and black mold everywhere. It had to be stripped down to the studs and rafters.

“The insurance company was an absolute nightmare to try to work with. They didn’t return phone calls. The adjuster was out of the country on vacation several times. They offered a ridiculously low amount to compensate us for our loss (which didn’t come close to the amount of the damage), and they actually closed our claim twice.

“I went through months and months of searching for someone to try to help us, with the deadline from the insurance company coming in two weeks. I finally found and contacted Miller Public Adjusters.

“David and his team came in like the cavalry, and not only took the claim over for me but got me almost FOUR times what the insurance company was offering.

“Don’t try to do it yourself. If you think you’re being cheated or treated unfairly by your insurance company, these guys can and will help. They are phenomenal, and I would highly recommend their services to everyone.”

-Sharal D.

sharal d

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