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Todd and Joy L. InfographicOn June 24, 2017, the home owned by Todd and Joy L., Town of Buchanan, Wis., was destroyed by a fire. “We lost our home and everything we own,” Todd said. Nothing can compare to having your life turned upside down when everything you have goes up in flames. But they had confidence their Homeowners insurance would provide what they needed to put their lives back together.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped.

“At first we thought we were going to be well taken care of by our insurance provider but we quickly realized that we were being played by them and taken advantage of,” he said. “David Miller and his team at Miller Public Adjusters were the resource that we needed to help us to navigate this unfamiliar territory at a very difficult time.

“We found Miller Public Adjusters to be extremely professional, prompt and attentive to our needs and wants as we worked our way through the hundreds of decisions that needed to be made during this very stressful situation.”

“We never would have been able to navigate the confusing world of a total loss claim without their help, guidance and expertise,” Todd stressed. “I would recommend Miller Public Adjusters to anyone who is faced with a traumatic claim that involves dealing with ‘Big Insurance.’ They will absolutely help to alleviate much of the pain.

“It will still be a difficult time, but the peace of mind and relief of the burden of time and energy is what they bring to the table. Combine this with the importance of receiving the monetary recovery that you and your family deserve. Hiring Miller Public Adjusters is an easy decision.”

– Todd and Joy L.

Todd and Joy L. Fire Damage
Todd and Joy L. Patio Fire Damage
Todd and Joy L. Property Fire Damage

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