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Our Story

Thank you for visiting my website, Miller Public Adjusters.  My name is David Miller and I am the owner and founder of this great company.  For roughly 10 years, I have been the owner of full service fire and water restoration and construction company, that has done everything from design-build custom homes, to commercial/multifamily units, to large fire and water loss insurance claims.  

"In July of 2011, my family and I went through an unfortunate and unexpected fire loss.  Below, I want to explain why I started this company and why I gave up my restoration company to devote my time helping policyholders after suffering a property damage loss."

On July 4th, 2011, only 3 weeks after my first daughter was born, an electrical outlet started to smolder in my basement and flames erupted.  Within minutes my entire basement was in flames.  After we were able to escape safely and the fire department arrived to put out the fire, we were faced with an unexpected reality that our home and all of our belongs were gone.  Being a contractor, who has been involved with many fire restoration jobs and dealt with homeowners in this situation, I would never have imagined the emotions and feelings that one has to realize when it actually happens to you.

To say the claim process went bad is an understatement.  I have dealt with many insurance adjusters over the years and know that working for them can be difficult, but I have never dealt with one on my own claim.  

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Has your Insurance Claim been underpaid or wrongfully denied?

We work for YOU, not the Insurance Company. 


Mission Statement

This company was founded because there is a need for policyholder advocacy. To many times the policyholder struggles with the insurance company and we are here to level the playing field with the insurance company. We look out and work for YOU, the policyholder.

"Miller Public Adjusters mission is to achieve the highest standards in being the most professional and successful, as well as efficient in any claim settlement, while serving the best interests of the policyholder. We stand to exceed expectations while priding ourselves in ethics, respect, loyalty,integrity, and professionalism."

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We are open 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. 
Miller Public Adjusters is licensed and regulated to do business in the states listed below.
Illinois  -   Wisconsin  -   Indiana  -   Michigan  -   Minnesota  -   Florida  -   Texas

State of Wisconsin 

Wisconsin does not license Public Adjusters, but Public Adjusters are heavily regulated by the Insurance Commissioner of Wisconsin.  
INS 6.08 Claimant Representatives. 

Illinois Public Adjusters License #40372779

Indiana Public Adjusters License #930506

Florida Public Adjusters License #W202521

Michigan Public Adjusters License #676886

Texas Public Adjusters License #2016150

Minnesota Public Adjusters License #40372779

Certifications & Groups

Accreditation and Certifications

Miller Public Adjusters is BBB Accredited Property Technical Certification Xactimate Certified Public Adjuster 


Groups and Associations we Support

We support and stand behind the American Red Cross and what they do for disaster victims.

American Red Cross  Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters  American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters