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Property Claims BLOG

What are the First Things You Should Do if a Pipe Bursts in Your Building?

Colder temperatures lead to frozen pipes, and a frozen pipe often bursts. It’s a good idea to know the steps to take if a pipe bursts in your building, and how to address the issue for insurance purposes. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

8 Things to Consider When Filing Your Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claim

If you’ve just had fire damage to your commercial property, you’re probably already filed a claim with your insurance company. Before you get to far into the claim process, there are some important points to consider.

When is Coverage Triggered for a Roof Collapse?

It may seem like you would know when a roof collapse has happened (and when you could claim it on your insurance policy). But when you think about it, roof collapse is more of a process than a single event. It doesn’t just collapse out of nowhere. The collapse begins when the roof shows signs of distress. Prolonged distress on the roof--from the elements, or time spent delaying repair the roof--may mean collapse is imminent, even if the roof is still intact on the building. And of course, roof collapse is complete when the roof crumbles to the ground and has to be completely replaced.

Is Your Business Properly Insured with a Business Owner's Policy?

Even the most conscientious business owners suffer losses and damages that, if not covered by commercial insurance policy, can spell disaster for their organization. That’s why the majority of business owners carry insurance – it gives them the financial protection and peace of mind they need for when the unexpected happens. One of the best ways to ensure your business is adequately insured is through a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

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