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Daylight Savings... Time to Change Those Smoke Detectors Batteries

Each year from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November, clocks, watches, computers—anything to do with the time of day—are set to Daylight Savings Time (DST), or one hour ahead of Standard Time (ST). Except for most of Arizona, we’ll get that hour back during the wee hours of Sunday morning, November 5, as DST yields back to Standard Time.

House Fires: What Causes Them and How to Prevent Them

What is the leading cause of house fires in the United States? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics compiled from 2011-2015, a whopping 43 percent of the nearly 360,000 house fires responded to by U.S. fire departments were caused by cooking equipment, followed by heating systems/furnace, 15 percent; electrical systems and lighting equipment, 9 percent; arson, 8 percent; and smoking materials, 5 percent. Other fire causes included unattended candles, dryers and washing machines, lightning, children playing with fire, Christmas tree lighting, and faulty fireplaces.

Understanding the Importance of Homeowners Insurance

There are many expenses that come with buying a home. One of the most important is homeowners insurance. While it’s natural to wonder whether this expense is necessary, there are many reasons why it is a crucial protection for any homeowner. Here are a few important things buyers should remember about homeowners insurance:

Personal Property: Restoration or Replacement? Understanding Your Options

Here is a scenario that occurs more often than you might think.

Navigating Your Rental Property Fire Claim

If you’re a property manager, real estate developer, attorney or commercial property owner, dealing with a rental property fire claim can be overwhelming. So can navigating the claims process with your insurance company. But knowing what to do in that process and when will surely help ease some stress. Here are some of the things you need to address as a landlord when there is a rental property fire claim.

National Insurance Awareness Day

You won’t find June 28 celebrated with parades, festivals or fireworks. In fact, the only people who give a rat’s tail about National Insurance Awareness Day are those who work in the insurance industry — and most of them don’t even care.

What to do When Your Home or Business Suffers From Hail Damage

When a hailstorm strikes, it can batter roofs, shred screens and siding, and smash windows. Getting fully compensated for even glaring hail damage from your commercial, BOP or homeowners insurance policy is a challenge. Achieving a fair settlement for anything less than glaring damages can be a nightmare.

Water Damage Insurance Claims: Covered or Excluded?

Major rain events — like the ones that have been plaguing Wisconsin this summer — get insurance companies busy denying homeowners insurance claims based on water-related policy exclusions.

How Does the Anti-concurrent Cause Clause Apply When Property Damage Occurs

Continuing the discussion about water damage insurance claims, Attorney Edward Beckmann, of Helmuth and Johnson, contributed the following guest posting about his favorite insurance law tongue twister:  the anti-concurrent cause clause.

Fire Prevention is Everybody's Job

As public insurance adjusters, we have the benefit of knowing we will help every policyholder who brings us in to their fire damage insurance claim. It may be the only reason our team can take the heartache of seeing family after family who lost everything they have to fire.

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