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What are the First Things You Should Do if a Pipe Bursts in Your Building?

By David Miller | 17 Jan 2017

Colder temperatures lead to frozen pipes, and a frozen pipe often bursts. It’s a good idea to know the steps to take if a pipe bursts in your building, and how to address the issue for insurance purposes. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

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Checklist for Filing an Insurance Claim After Hurricane Matthew

By David Miller | 12 Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew has finally disapated and, assuming your family is safe to re-enter your property, the process of cleaning up the damage has begun. If you're among the one million plus population that moved to Florida within the last 10 years and never experienced a hurricane, you may be lost on how to move forward with the process of filing an insurance claim after Hurricane Matthew.

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Top Property Insurance Claims That Occur in the Winter

By David Miller | 16 Mar 2016

In the Chicago metropolitan area, roof damage is a common occurrence when temperatures when the winter weather sets in with snow, ice, and cold. A Midwest winter presents exceptional challenges that that can prove costly, so it pays to have a local Chicago Public Adjuster on your side when Mother Nature makes the decision to throw a one-two combo. Property damage claims on average are escalated through the winter.

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Disagreement With Insurance On The Damage Amount? What Are Your Options?

By David Miller | 21 Jan 2016

When your home is damaged by an insured peril, it’s important to try to work out a settlement with your homeowners insurance carrier. You may not agree with the way the insurance adjuster handles your claim, and at times, you may feel like the claim process is one long, tedious argument. Still it’s important to realize, that you have a contractual relationship with the company that insured your home at the time of your loss. You cannot sever the relationship and every claim issue will be resolved sooner or later.

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3 Myths About Diminished Property Value After Suffering Damage

By David Miller | 08 Dec 2015

Will fire or smoke damage affect property value? It's a common question many homeowners face following a fire and there are many myths regarding this. Fortunately, the reality is that many of these myths simply aren't true.

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5 Big Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning Up Property Damage.

By David Miller | 30 Nov 2015

When your home has suffered a catastrophic loss, your first instinct may be to immediately start cleanup and repairs. It’s hard to hold off when faced with a major mess like a fire-gutted kitchen or flooding caused by burst pipes. But resist the urge to clean up damage right away. There are steps you must – and must not - take when you have an insurance claim.

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Unusual Things Your Insurance Won't Cover

By David Miller | 23 Nov 2015

You may believe that, should you suffer a loss in your home related to either structural damage or personal property, it will be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy for reimbursement. You may not know, however, that there are several things homeowner's insurance does not cover and, these days, that list is getting longer and longer. This is because insurers are writing policies with additional limitations/exclusions that can only be found by reading the fine print, which policyholders often do not do.

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Proven Tactics to Speed Up Your Property Insurance Claim Settlement

By David Miller | 21 Oct 2015

When your home or business is damaged, your life gets complicated. You don't need the added drama of pushing the insurance company to speed up your property insurance claim settlement, but it often works out that way. It sounds unfair, but when it’s your home or your business that’s damaged, you will be the one most motivated to move your case forward.

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