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What are the First Things You Should Do if a Pipe Bursts in Your Building?

By David Miller | 17 Jan 2017

Colder temperatures lead to frozen pipes, and a frozen pipe often bursts. It’s a good idea to know the steps to take if a pipe bursts in your building, and how to address the issue for insurance purposes. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

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8 Things to Consider When Filing Your Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claim

By David Miller | 03 Jan 2017

If you’ve just had fire damage to your commercial property, you’re probably already filed a claim with your insurance company.  Before you get to far into the claim process, there are some important points to consider.

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When is Coverage Triggered for a Roof Collapse?

By David Miller | 28 Dec 2016

It may seem like you would know when a roof collapse has happened (and when you could claim it on your insurance policy). But when you think about it, roof collapse is more of a process than a single event. It doesn’t just collapse out of nowhere. The collapse begins when the roof shows signs of distress. Prolonged distress on the roof--from the elements, or time spent delaying repair the roof--may mean collapse is imminent, even if the roof is still intact on the building. And of course, roof collapse is complete when the roof crumbles to the ground and has to be completely replaced.

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Checklist for Filing an Insurance Claim After Hurricane Matthew

By David Miller | 12 Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew has finally disapated and, assuming your family is safe to re-enter your property, the process of cleaning up the damage has begun. If you're among the one million plus population that moved to Florida within the last 10 years and never experienced a hurricane, you may be lost on how to move forward with the process of filing an insurance claim after Hurricane Matthew.

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Costly Mistakes Managing Your Own Commercial Property Insurance Claim

By David Miller | 02 Sep 2016

When your business premises is damaged by an insured cause of loss, there a number of reasons why you might decide to handle your own commercial property claim.

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Hidden Costs An Expert Can Recover After a Commercial Property Loss

By David Miller | 01 Sep 2016

When a fire damages your commercial building, it sets into motion a complicated recovery cycle that can takes months to complete. Assessing the damage is just the beginning, but if you don’t get that part right, the entire recovery process can become more complicated than it has to be.

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Avoid These 4 Commercial Property Insurance Claim Delays

By David Miller | 26 Aug 2016

Settling a commercial property insurance claim is a complex transaction. Though your first impulse after a catastrophe may be to do whatever it takes to alleviate the loss and get back to business as usual, that rarely results in getting you the best settlement. This is definitely a situation where haste makes waste, as accepting an insurance adjuster’s opinions, or your insurer’s first offer of settlement, will likely lead to a settlement that is far below the figure you deserve.

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Questions to Ask an Insurance Expert After a Business Fire Damage Loss

By David Miller | 25 Aug 2016

When you experience business fire damage, it may become a front page headline, a six o’clock news story or an internet blurb. Such public awareness may bring a parade of contractors, fire restoration services, and other companies to your place of business. These professionals know you’ll need them sooner or later, so they may fill your mail slot or entryway with offers for inspections, courtesy estimates, and discounts.

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5 Ways a Public Adjuster Can Maximize Your Commercial Claim Settlement

By David Miller | 24 Aug 2016

Commercial property claims are complicated, so insurance companies send out their most experienced adjusters to handle them. Seasoned adjusters know damage and coverage issues, and while their experience and knowledge should be a comfort to you as you rebuild your business, they can actually make the process more difficult.

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